KEMI Platelet Incubator

These platelet Incubators are specially designed for close environment control for stored platelets. Ideally suitable for accommodating KEMI Platelet Agitator.  Temperature range can be adjusted from 5 0C to 60 0C. Constructed of double walls, the exterior is made of mild steel duly powder coated and the inner chamber is made of SS.   The plexy glass inner door make its possible to inspect without disturbing the temperature.  All controls are mounted at the bottom of Platelet Incubator.

Model No. Inner Size L x B x H (mm) Capacity
KPI-1 480 x 380 x580 110 Ltr


1. Recorder -7 days Circular chart Recorder - Ink type and Inkless type (Thermal Chart Paper)
2. Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 1 Kva

NB: Non-use of stabilizer will render the warranty of the equipment invalid.