KEMI Plasma Thawing Bath

Made of outer MS sheet duly powder coated and inner made of SS sheet .The temp is maintained by a programmable micro processor controller, temp range + 37°C to 56°C, +/-0.5°C with audio visual alarm for low & high temp. Mechanism of thawing is by pumping with high capacity pump and maintain temp of water by heater with sealed sensor dipped directly in water. Removable type S.S tray with partition for holding 12 bags. Foldable lid with outer S.S and inner plastic with two handles. The whole unit is to work on 230V, 50Hz.

Model No. Inner Size Capacity Cap of Plasma bag
KPTB-1 470x290x260mm 40Ltr 12-15

Stabilizer can be supplied at an extra cost on request.

NB: Non-use of stabilizer will render the warranty of the equipment invalid.