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These are designed to exhaust toxic and other harmful vapours for protecting laboratory personnel equipments. The main body of the Fume Cupboard is made of MS Powder coated and inside of the cup board is made from FRP lining, which is acid or alkali resistant, fitted with a sliding door made of U.V stabilised polycarbonate sheet, moves vertically up and down with counter balanced weight system. Fluorescent light is provided inside the chamber for easy working. One FRP zinc of small size, water tap and gas cock are also provided inside the chamber. Working top of the Fume Cupboard is of Granite. A major blower exhaust system (Blower and blower cover is made with FRP) fitted on the top of the working area, which generates negative pressure within the hood extracting the contaminated air from the work area and expelling into the atmosphere and preventing the fume escaping into the room. For this purpose there is provided a provision for connecting 4"dia PVC pipe on the top of the instrument. Beneath the working area, fitted 3 drawers on one side and a closed storage area with a provision for locking system on the other side of the unit.



Model No.

Working Table

(L X B)

Outer Size [L X B X H]


3' X 2'

38 ½ " X 26 ½  "X 72"


4' X 2'

50 ½  X 26 ½  X 72"



62 ½ X261/2"X72"


6'X 2'

74 ½  X 26 ½  X 72"

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