Biological Safety Cabinets ["Class II"] an integral factory assembled system, permitting total disinfections. These are designed to use simultaneous primary biological and chemical containment. The re¬-circulation of cabinet air through a second HEPA Filter [High Efficiency Particular Air-Mini Pleat type]offers a highest level of cleanliness. Air is drawn through pre-filter and is made to pass through HEPA Filter having efficiency to pertaining all airborne particles of size 0.3 mi crone and larger. Using a dynamic balanced motor with blower assembly system [1/5HP-1440 RPM] operates with minimum noise level and the contaminated air is going through the exhaust duct [1/4 HP motor-2880 RPM] fitted on the back bottom of the unit. The basic unit made of MS Powder Coated which includes standard accessories like static pressure manometer, Hepa Filters for cabinet [Mini pleat type] Pre-filters, one UV light for the work area, one coak for gas. It is suitable for handling medium to low risk organisms encountered in Research, Investigation, Labs in all branches of Medical, Agriculture, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The equipment is built with an exhaust system on the top of the unit having 4" dia PVC duct for the provision of connecting the pipe. In addition to normal features of Vertical Laminar Flow, it is provided with following unique features.
a) Front door provided with UV stabilised polycarbonate sheet in foldable manner.
b) Filtered Exhaust- Protests ambient environment, avoids build up, heat,                                fumes and odour.
c) Supplementary Air Barrier - Prevents of contamination through make up air.
d) Built in U.V germicidal light - facilitates sterilization of working area before
and after use, U.V Tube 'Philips' is used.
e) Cleanliness "CLASS II" with an efficiency of 99.99%.

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